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Chris Zoupa is a Melbourne based guitarist, teacher, songwriter as well as part time producer. Over the past 20 years of teaching he has amassed many students and honed his teaching craft into what he calls “The Zoupa Method”. He now has many students from all over the world ranging from England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Jordan and Mozambique.

Over the last 17 years he has played with many bands and artists including: Tremedy, Giants Under The Sun, Bellusira and now he’s in Australia’s premier progressive rock outfit TERAMAZE, whom over the past 5 years have released 5 albums and have created a reputation for creating music with quality and quantity!

Chris’ internet presence and notoriety took off when he started his Yo
uTube channel Chris Zoupa/Learn That Solo, which has is primarily devoted to rock and heavy metal lead guitar and solos.

Chris wrote instructional an educational articles for for 2 years and was a teacher on their instructional app.  Now he has 6 books written under the Fundamental Changes Publishing house, with literature covering themes of composition, advanced techniques, theory and modal application as well as improvisation.

With many years of live performing and teaching, Chris now wants to create a no nonsense set of lessons to help everyone regardless of technical ability or a high level music theory. These lessons will focus on creating an awareness of scale knowledge as well as usage and practical application and of course the secrets, hacks and short cuts to the many great guitar techniques.




Studio Sessions

Chris is available to do session work whether it be acoustic, ambient textures or guest lead guitar and solos.

Chris is available to work on projects of all genres provided that we have a clear idea of what we want to create.


Skype Sessions

Chris offers 1 on 1 Skype lessons to people of any age in any country. Lessons are $300AUD for a block of 5 lessons.

Lessons include:

  • Modal and scale theory/application

  • Song writing and composition

  • Improvisation, phrasing and lick building

  • Learning songs/covers

  • Techniques and exercises

  • Creating an effective practice schedule



Can’t find a good tab?

Or just can’t be bothered?

Chris offers a transcription service for whatever song or solo you desire to learn.

(Prices vary depending on difficulty and song length)

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amazon review


Rock Guitar Mode Mastery:
A Guide to Learning and Applying the Modes to

Rock and Shred Metal Guitar with Chris Zoupa

(Learn How to Play Rock Guitar)

5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favorite books ever!
Took my time working through this to get the most out of schlock and wow has it paid off! Not only have I got better technically my ears have expanded now to be able to slip into modal playing when improvising and jamming. I will buy Chris' next book as soon as it comes out!


Best part is how musical all examples are one you get the basics down of that mode. Lots of books out there won't give you the feel Chris does with his examples, they could be right out of songs!


Jared Sagez