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This lesson is based around the C# Aeolian mode, which is the 6th mode of E major and also uses the 6/4 time signature. I wanted to create a way to display Aeolian sounds and characteristics in the form of a slow, swung and soft rock solo.


C# Aeolian Solo Lesson includes:


*Video demonstration of 24 Bar Solo in 6/4

*Video Explanation of key and soloing options

*Bar by bar video breakdown of the solo 8 bars at a time

*A PDF summary of the lesson

*Backing track and full solo Mp3 for you to practice with

*Gp & PDF files of 24 bar solo 

*Gp & PDF files of soloing options and ideas to create a solo of your own


Watch full solo here!:

C# Aeolian Solo Lesson w/Chris Zoupa

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